About the Tokyo Neurological Center: Greeting

The Tokyo Neurological Center (TNC) challenges to revolutionary treatments against not only cerebral and spinal disorders, but also whole-body indefinite symptoms.

The TNC staff and I heartily thank you for always providing us your patronage with TNC.

Twelve years have already passed since I established TNC in May, 2006 in the center of Tokyo. Thereafter, we have contributed toward the diagnosis and treatment of more than 40,000 patients with whole-body indefinite symptoms in which other institutions threw in the towel due to their unidentified etiology.

The discovery of “cervical neuro-muscular syndrome (CNMS)” in 2005 after my clinical investigation of more than 30 years became a milestone to overthrow the conventional superstition that whole-body indefinite symptoms are incurable. In other words, whole-body indefinite symptoms with unidentified etiology, such as headache, vertigo or dizziness, palpitation, general malaise or fatigue, depression, etc. turned out to be mostly due to CNMS.

Unlike conventional symptom-modifying and makeshift treatments such as pain killer drugs, the treatment of CNMS in TNC is to remove stiffness or spasms of cervical muscles, which is the major cause of the whole-body indefinite symptoms. Since this is a radical treatment that modulates the tone and stiffness of cervical muscles, it has achieved successful results that have been impossible by other institutions.

However, for the time being, we apologize that the number and the proportion of our institutions are not enough to correspond to numerous demands from patients worldwide. Furthermore, this radical treatment sometimes takes a long time to show an improvement in the patients. The next task ahead of us will be to establish more convenient systems that can effectively treat the patients, based on the invaluable comments and ideas of treated patients.

If you, your family, or your friends report indefinite symptoms, please ask him/her whether there are some disorders in the neck. If yes, please never hesitate to contact us. The TNC staff will explain the details of the procedure.

The ultimate aim of TNC is the improvement of each patient with indefinite symptoms. To achieve this, we will make all efforts and try to do our very best forever.

November 2018
Takayoshi Matsui, MD, PhD
Chief Director of Tokyo Neurological Center