Departments & Specialty Clinics

The Tokyo Neurological Center (TNC) delivers medical care via neurosurgeons, neurophysicians, orthopaedic surgeons, and gynecologists, all of whom are representative medical specialists in Japan and are alumni of the Medical Department of the University of Tokyo. The medical bills are covered by the Japanese National Health Insurance and several international insurances (Please ask individually).

The TNC covers cerebral and spinal disorders, such as cerebrovascular disorders, brain and spinal tumors, headache, dementia, epilepsy, spinal spondylosis, disk herniation, whiplash-associated disorders, as well as other whole-body indefinite symptoms associated with cervical disorders. In case a specific disorder has been detected, we are ready to deliver the patient to more than 40 affiliated medical institutions immediately.

Since consultations principally need to be reserved, please call 03-5776-1200 before your visit. The first visit should be no later than 15:30.